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bellheads vs. netheads

Is AT&T the worst tech company ever? (The Red Herring)

An excerpt:

"...Nevertheless, AT&T's historical indifference to data networking
could scupper Lucent's chances of becoming a growth stock. Lucent's
telco equipment market is worth $20 billion, but analysts expect it to
grow only 4 to 6 percent annually for the next few years. By contrast,
the adjacent data networking market is $3 billion to $5 billion, but it
will grow as much as 70 percent each year...."

This is along the lines I have had in mind when I have pointed out some
questionable Bellhead attitudes of Inferno marketing plans. I can't
really see why the router/microcomputer/Windows market would need more
than a financially negligible amount of technology from the old
telecomms world to fullfill all global communications needs. The
datacomms companies are busy re-einventing and surpassing everything the
phone system has ever had, only much, much cheaper this time. Well, I
know some other telecomms companies who are not getting this either...