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Re: Apple, Jobs, Inferno

> However, there are plenty of oportunities for Inferno where Windows in any
> flavor is very poorly matched to the requirments in that it doesn't handle
> multitasking, networks, security, authentication or portability very well at
> all such as multimedia, very compact devices (inteligent phones, smart
> cards), industrial networks, automotive applications, consumer appliances
> and entertainment, scientific instrumentation, POS, etc, etc.

Not to burst your bubble, but Inferno's only advantage for small systems
over, say, QNX is that it's put a lot of thought into portability.  People
design interfaces for portable devices ad hoc -- a common interface is
usually a hindrance more than a help (witness WinCE).  

Security isn't it:  Any program that's useful is going to be able to pull
the same kind of nonsense on Inferno that trojans &c pull today.  User
data today is more at risk from immediately malicious programs (e.g.,
delete everything) than from viruses. 

Perhaps I'm missing something, but if a user is living in an all-inferno
environment, it seems pretty clear that they're subject to the same

MS, Apple, &c. are more than capable of writing an appropriate OS for
small devices.  Small devices are not a compelling market force.   They
are bought as accessories.