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Smart Cards and JavaCard API

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here's the excerpt from the Business wire positing avialble through
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[02-13-97 at 11:49 EST, Business Wire] 

      Contact: Business Wire 
Leading Smart Card Manufacturers
 Announce Formation of Java Card Forum
 Industry Initiative Endorsed by Sun, Creator
 of the Java CardAPI Standard 

 Source: Business Wire 

 LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE) via Individual Inc. -- The two largest smart
 card manufacturing companies, Gemplus and Schlumberger, today announced
 the formation of the Java(tm) Card Forum. The objectives of the group are
to promote the Java Card API as an industry standard platform for smart
cards and allow the exchange of technical information between participants. 

The Forum will be comprised of members from the community of Java Card
 licensees. It will immediately establish bridges with Java Card users in
various vertical markets addressed by the technology. As Java Card end
users, representatives from banking, retail, telecommunications, network
access, government, health care and other markets will be considered for
participation in Java Card users ad hoc groups.

  Jon Kannegaard, vice president of software products at JavaSoft, a
business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc., said  "We believe that Java's
'Write Once, Run Anywhere'(tm) feature is ideal for the development of smart
card applications."

 The objectives of the Java Card Forum are to:

 - promote the Java Card API and associated standards to the smart card
 market and to specification developers;

 - prepare technical documents (application notes and so forth) in support
of the Java Card API;

 - exchange technical information among members about the Java Card API
 and its implementation;

 - provide technical input to chip suppliers for chips embedded with Java
Card implementations; and

 - foster dialogue among software suppliers regarding the Java Card API.

 comments by VISA International:

 "Visa actively promotes open industry standards for chip cards, including
the initiative that Java Soft has underway with its Java Card," said
Francois Dutray, group executive vice president, Visa International.


 Gemplus is the world leader in both plastic and smart card products with a
yearly production capacity of 900 million cards and an international
presence in 23 countries.  For more information,
 contact the Gemplus Web site at http://www.gemplus.com

 The Schlumberger Electronic Transactions group of Schlumberger, Ltd.
 (NYSE:SLB), supplies cards, terminals, and management systems across the
entire range of magnetic and chip card applications. As the transaction
industry's leading single-source supplier, the company provides cards and
systems for telecommunications, retail and banking, retail petroleum,
parking and mass transit ticketing, health care and for communities like
college campuses. The company produces hundreds of millions of cards
annually as both private and government sectors move toward cashless,
paperless transactions.

For more information contact the Schlumberger Electronic Transactions Web
site at http://www.slb.com/et


 CONTACT: GEMPLUS | EUROPE: | Flavie Gil | Gemplus - France | Tel :
 +33 42 36 56 83 | Fax: +33 42 36 51 17 | e.mail: flavie.gil@ccmail.edt.fr |
or |
 NORTH AMERICA | Dr. Patricia Neptune | Neptune Group International |
 Tel: (1) 203 221 2820 | Fax: (1) 203 221 2825 | e.mail:
 pneptune@neptunegp.com | or | ASIA | Tarvin Dhilon | Gemplus - Singapore |
 Tel +65 776 19 89 | Fax +65 773 06 48 | or | SCHLUMBERGER | NORTH
 AMERICA: | Press: Deb Montner or Stephen Acken | Environics
 Communications | Tel: (1) 203-325-8772, extension 14 or 12 | e-mail:
 dmontner@environics-usa.com | sacken@environics-usa.com | Business: Tom
 Lebsack, | Schlumberger Smart Cards & Systems, N. A. | Tel: (1)
 757-366-4307 | e-mail: lebsack1@slb.com | or | EUROPE: | Isabelle
 Ferdane-Couderc, | Schlumberger Electronic Transactions | Montrouge,
 France | Tel: (33) 1 4746 7020 | e-mail: i_couderc@montrouge.ts.slb.com | or
 | ASIA: | Sally Chew Schlumberger Technologies Singapore | Tel: (65)
 746-6344 | e-mail: schew@singapore.asia.slb.com

 [02-13-97 at 11:49 EST, Business Wire] 

      Contact: Business Wire 

I think this addresses a lot of recent postings

I don't know how serious the commitements are but --
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