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Re: Apple, Jobs, Inferno

At 03:56 PM 2/14/97 -0800, you wrote:
>In last fall I discussed Apple OS problems on this list. Unfortunately I
>couldn't make Lucent and Apple bedfellows ;-) Today's news tell that
>Steve Jobs is moving closer to Apple operations. He is probably the only
>guy who has enough creativity, intelligence, courage and influence to
>make Apple adopt Inferno. Go talk to him! I doubt he is a prisoner of a
>NIH syndrome, even if NeXT is his system. I appreciate his thinking and
>I think I have learned to know him pretty well in 18 years since I
>watched the first happenings of the Apple saga.
>"Creativity is just having enough of dots to connect" (Steve Jobs)
Apple is history!
Jobs can't save it any more than coul Scully or Amelio

Face it, The Dark Side of the Force has won on the desktop and its too late
for Luke Skywalker

Leave Oracle and SUN to be the next targets to be trampled by the Win

However, there are plenty of oportunities for Inferno where Windows in any
flavor is very poorly matched to the requirments in that it doesn't handle
multitasking, networks, security, authentication or portability very well at
all such as multimedia, very compact devices (inteligent phones, smart
cards), industrial networks, automotive applications, consumer appliances
and entertainment, scientific instrumentation, POS, etc, etc.

Here's where the real oportunity to develop compelling and profitable niche
Inferno applications lie.

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