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Apple, Jobs, Inferno

In last fall I discussed Apple OS problems on this list. Unfortunately I
couldn't make Lucent and Apple bedfellows ;-) Today's news tell that
Steve Jobs is moving closer to Apple operations. He is probably the only
guy who has enough creativity, intelligence, courage and influence to
make Apple adopt Inferno. Go talk to him! I doubt he is a prisoner of a
NIH syndrome, even if NeXT is his system. I appreciate his thinking and
I think I have learned to know him pretty well in 18 years since I
watched the first happenings of the Apple saga.

"Creativity is just having enough of dots to connect" (Steve Jobs)


P.S. Why am I not discussing Inferno tech here? Because there is so much
excellent documentation and so much to try out in the beta release that
there is little reason for awkward tech discussion on a mailing list!