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Re: The business Inferno should be in but does not want to

Anssi Porttikivi wrote:
> Sun Rides to the Rescue of Geriatric PCs (Wired News)
> <http://www.wired.com/news/technology/story/1996.html>
> This includes the machine I am writing this with, a 486DX/66MHz/8Mb
> RAM/WfW 3.11.

I don't think inferno is being positioned as a business desktop OS. It
seems much more likely to play a role in ubiquitous networks -- note
there is not so much as a word processor or spreadsheet for inferno. I
doubt there ever will be. The business desktop has been clearly won by
MS, and every business IS person's plan is to keep as new a copy of
excel and word on everyone's desk as they can. Anyone pitching JavaOS as
a replacement for even win3.11 (which at last cound had some 10 zillion
applications) has been watching too many 'dancing dukes'.

On a side note: can you put a 'dangling' name in an inferno filesystem?
I am curious as to whether you can mount a remote name into a directory
and leave the connection down until the moment you access the name. That
way, well, you would essentially have merged HTTP with NFS. Anyone know? 

-graydon <admin@multinet.net>
aw shucks I musta been tuned to the wrong frequency