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Re: The business Inferno should be in but does not want to

>>Sun Rides to the Rescue of Geriatric PCs (Wired News)

>>This includes the machine I am writing this with, a 486DX/66MHz/8Mb
>>RAM/WfW 3.11.

i have seen the speed of their software, or rather the lack of it, on a
100Mhz micro-Sparc II
with 32Mb RAM, and i find it hard to believe that JavaSoft is
seriously in this business either on a 66Mhz 486.
when i asked them whether they were hoping to sell a JavaStation
that was that slow (i'd say 386/25 speed), the salesmen
said ``aha! in May it will use the pico-Java chip''.  since i'd earlier
seen the Corel suite running (only) adequately on a considerably faster
with 64Mbyte RAM, i was unconvinced.  i remain unconvinced.

i suspect the ``90 million'' figure mentioned in the article includes many
'286 DOS machines that are unlikely to run any variant of a Java
VM (or Inferno), and even that figure is distinctly suspect.