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Re: Styx Speed and Implementation

In <199702110647.WAA09053@interstice.com>
 "Aditya Bansod" <bansod@edm.net> wrote:

> Take for example when you have to mount a MPEG driver to your local
> namespace, and then you attempt to play it. Since the MPEG driver is
> remote, does the actual MPEG data get streamed to the server, then the
> video comes back to the local computer? If this is so, then it would
> seriously impare preformance and lag the network...

There are two ways to display MPEG in your terminal. The first one is when
every is done locally. Something like:
	cat movie.mpg > /dev/mpeg
where cat is running in your terminal and /dev/mpeg is local driver.

The other situation is when you want a program running in other computer
(probably in you behave) to display some mpeg in you screen.
	cpu	# connecto to remote system
	cat movie > /dev/mpeg

In this case cat is running in the server and /dev/mpeg is a reference
to the driver in your local computer. In this case the traffic btw the server
and the client is MPEG based no raw video.

This situation could be useful if you don't have enough memory in your
terminal to run a big application.

It doesn't make sense to import a MPEG driver from another computer
and then use it to play something local, you'll be using to much