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Q: What hand helds does Inferno support?

Does anyone have a current list of hand held computers that Inferno =

When I say supports, I mean, can run a Native kernel, and support 85% of =
its devices.  (i.e. monitor works, but IR port doesn't)  I have a few =
that I am looking at, for example the Envoy (Motorola Dragon I 68349, =
32bit, 16mhz, 3.3V), or the Macro (RISC, ARM 610) both products from =
Motorola.  I have heard some information about the Apple Netwon being =

In the next 6 months, my organization would like to get a few supported =
devices, and start working on some internal software.  As with other =
organizations, it is much simpler to purchase the right hardware the =
first time.

Thanks again.


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