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Re: Lucent selects Chorus

John Abbott wrote:
> Posted today on the Chorus Systems site .... http://www.chorus.com/News/
> Lucent Technologies has selected Chorus Systems to provide one of the
> internal operating systems for its next generation transmission
> products.=

Of course, the same could be said of UnixWare, Windows NT,
probably Solaris, and yes, also Inferno.  Lucent is too
big to be monolithic, or another way of looking at it is
that we are big enough to experiment.  As a Lucent stockholder,
I would feel somewhat queasy if management decided to bet
to entire $20 billion company on a single OS, no matter
how nifty.  If Inferno is in a billion dollars worth of
product in a  couple of years, I think that would be a whopping
success in anyone's book.