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re: Lucent selects Chorus

This is a Chorus press release, it is clearly in their
interests to make it appear as if lucent will use chorus
and only chorus for future products. I am involved in several
pieces of new platform work for Lucent and I can assure readers
of the list that chorus will play at best a minor role in Lucent's
future data networking products.

We are a large company and use thousands of software products.  Lucent
inherited from AT&T a tradition of vertical engineering: a single
group builds hardware, OS, application and support software for a
single line.  This approach is expensive and is likely to change in
the future allowing company wide platforms to be selected.  However,
this change hasn't happened, and the Chorus announcement is part of
the older way of doing business.  It's also a minor press release.
Lee Stecher is a department head, not "Lucent software director" and
plays no part in guiding company wide software policy.

Lucent is demonstrating a firm comitment to inferno. In a recent
article in red herring Rich McGinn made a comitment to inferno in
the long term. I can confirm there are several large scale projects
within Lucent using inferno as a native operating system including a
recently mentioned firewall, a new line of data switches and new
data OAM&P software.

So David, please read the press release with the scepticism it