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Lucent selects Chorus

Posted today on the Chorus Systems site .... http://www.chorus.com/News/

Lucent Technologies has selected Chorus Systems to provide one of the
internal operating systems for its next generation transmission products.=20

"CHORUS/OS is well-suited for use in our distributed multi-processor and
real-time systems, providing our platforms with flexibility and scaleability
to serve a broad range of customers' needs in transporting voice, data and
video," said Lee Stecher, software development director for Lucent
Technologies. "These characteristics enable us to establish certain
platforms that can be utilized across product lines, allowing us to
incorporate new features and services that our customers may require."=20

Telecommunications service providers use a variety of products to convey
voice, data, and video signals from one point to another. An operating
system performs a variety of functions, from managing a computer's basic
operations to performing other more sophisticated functions.=20

"We are most pleased to be associated with Lucent Technologies, the systems
and software leader for network operators," said Hubert Zimmermann,
president of Chorus Systems. "Our operating system will play a role in
enabling Lucent to continue meeting its customers diverse and rapidly
changing needs."=20

CHORUS/OS is a very flexible Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) that enables
users to meet specific hardware and application requirements. Real-time
operating systems allow application software to process incoming hardware
signals in a responsive and pre-determined order. CHORUS/OS can support a
variety of products from low-speed multiplexers to high-speed computers.=20

When integrated with CHORUS/COOL, the Chorus real-time embedded object
request broker (ORB), real time systems employing CHORUS/OS can access any
computer or server in the enterprise. The CHORUS/OS enables software written
to an operating system embedded within a network computer or to a management
system-run program found in personal computers to interact with one another.

Lucent Technologies designs, builds and delivers a wide range of public and
private networks, communications systems and software, consumer and business
telephone systems and microelectronics components. Bell Laboratories is the
research and development arm for the company, which was formed as a result
of AT&T's restructuring and became a fully independent company =AD separate
from AT&T =AD on September 30, 1996.