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Scheduler testing


Now that Phil helped me out on the scheduler details I would like to do
some testing with the Inferno kernel scheduler as we want to use it for
some real time tests. 
In order to do this I need to get Inferno running on a bare PC. I
already looked at the sources I got from Sape Mullender and I think it
must be possible to put together a PC with supported parts only.

My problem is that the b.com I got from some ftp site doesn't see any
boot devices. Need I write a plan9.ini? If so, what must be in there?
I think I read the other option to get Native Inferno running is using
an ethernetcard with bootprom and some boot server. Any directions to
get it running that way are welcome too. 

All I used this far is:
tvpc   (build using the cross-compiler) 
I put both files in the root of c: (IDE drive) and started "b

The program says: "Available boot devices: "
and then the "boot from:" prompt comes.

What am I to do?