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Re: another security story -- or an opportunity

tedk wrote:
> To all, except Toshi
> at the risk of offending the purely technical readers
> here's a problem that Inferno may be a ready made solution for
> forwarded text follows -- origins and forwards omitted
> ted kochanski
> >
> >An associate of mine who is computer literate tells me his cable system
> >internet connection allows some interesting privacy problems -- if he uses
> >Windows 95 to browse the "network neighborhood" he sees lots of other
> >machines, and can even access some of them anonymously...
> >

This is exactly the sort of problem that you have without a firewall. Of
course, a firewall has its own problems for work-at-home or mobile
members of a corporation. Inferno could indeed help here, but I think
that you need security at the transport layer to really lick this sort
of problem. In other words, you would have to make the box itself
Inferno enabled -- it would only accept Inferno connections.

Ian Bruce
(630) 713-7387