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Press Release

As a follow-up to Sam Paone's message to interstice.com regarding Inferno's
marketing efforts, the below Press Release annouces a license agreement
between Lucent Technologies Inc. and Software Control Systems.

Bonnie Caraway
Inferno Marketing Manager


Software Control Systems and Lucent Technologies Inc. In Development Agreement

Dow Jones/Press Release
29 Jan 17:51


RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA--Software Control Systems International, Inc.
("SCSI") today announced that it has entered into a license agreement with
Lucent Technologies Inc. of Murray Hill, New Jersey for that company's
revolutionary network operating system INFERNO (TM).

Software Control has decided that Lucent's INFERNO (TM) will become the
operating environment of choice for networked multimedia systems and has
decided to switch from Microsoft's WINDOWS desktop operating platform which
is not optimized for high performance multimedia applications, such as those
that are planned for SCSI's XVN system.

Under the terms of the agreement signed by SCSI's wholly-owned subsidiary
Software Control Systems Inc. ("SCS"), the company's project management team
will work closely with Lucent Technologies'/Bell Laboratories' computer
research group, the developers of the UNIX operating system and the C and
C++ programming languages, to develop a proprietary operating platform using
INFERNO (TM) to create a location-based network that combines online and
offline entertainment and other media that is flexible, interactive and

According to Mr. Norman Knowles, President of SCSI, "This agreement will
enable the company to pursue the strategy of aligning itself with companies
in synergistic business areas for the continued development of more
efficient solutions for providers of hardware, entertainment/media content,
advertisers and consumers.  This will result in real cost reduction for all
of the above and will greatly expand the opportunities that are presently
available in conventional marketing and distribution channels."

Software Control Systems International Inc. is traded on the Alberta Stock
Exchange under the symbol XVN.

On behalf of the board.

Norman Knowles, President

Bonnie Caraway
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Room 2C427
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