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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing

In <199701300009.QAA02617@interstice.com>, V Tharaneedharan wrote:

>Probably what Lucent has to do is do some market stirring and convince
>the media that Inferno is going to be the best solution. Atleast
>that will make the companies decide on Inferno and Limbo. 
>Also, I found that the web site is not updated properly.
>For the past 6 months I am seeing :"Coming Soon! Bulletin Board. 
>Watch this space!" , etc. and I dont see any change happening
>there. Today it only looks like Lucent is doing a hesitated launch.
 My feeling is that media coverage is very 
>less and such a good product should not go unnoticed.
>Unix was literally side-lined with such lack of marketing strength.
>We must not have another classic product experience the same problem.
If anyone is sensitive to the Unix marketing experience, it is
Inferno.  Some perspective:  Inferno has only been a business since
April '96.  The beta code was made available Sept. '96.  We are less
than 1 year old.  Java has been under development and been marketed
for several years.  So, please be patient.  I agree, the
web-site is lacking.  The new site, with timely updates is deployed,
in test mode, and will be universally available by end of February. 

Concerted media coverage, with a clear strategic direction will come
within the near future.  We have begun the planning of our publicity
strike and are identifying the most effective time to commence.

Applications are comming from our shop.  However, these will be for
specific customer requirements and may not be the spectacular Inferno
demo you'd like.  Had we the time, to build such apps we would;
However, we don't. Therefore, once again, I strongly encourage any of
you to build apps. that demonstrate Inferno's uniques strengths;
Be creative. In return, we will go to great lenghths to promote,
publicize and popularize your work.  This includes linking to your site,
discussing the app. in the trade press, putting your app in our
demonstration arena, bringing you, your app and anyone else you need to
trade shows, e.g., COMDEX (ask Vita Nuova, Ted Kochanski, etc.), joint

Let's see what you've got.

--sam paone
inferno business development