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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing

> > Microsoft is fighting the last war
> This is a common assertion, but beyond sounding catchy when delivered by
> McNealy and Ellison, it has little merit.   It presumes that one can just
> ignore what's going on in the mass market under the mistaken impression
> that other markets can ignore it.  
> > Microsoft is very weak when it comes to connecting to the real world
> Really?  In what way?  You mean that NT and 95 aren't good clients?  You
> mean that the best browsers come out for other platforms first?  

I agree to this argument. I think we are too much worried about
someone else's shortfalls.

I have been watching the developments on Inferno for quite sometime.

The reality is, right now the industry is a little confused
because the people are convinced that C++ wont last for long.
But they also hesitate to lean on Java for industry-strength
products because of its shortfalls. In a discussion with a 
compiler guy I found that Limbo is a technically superior language
that could give a more compact executable.

Probably what Lucent has to do is do some market stirring and convince
the media that Inferno is going to be the best solution. Atleast
that will make the companies decide on Inferno and Limbo. 

Also, I found that the web site is not updated properly.
For the past 6 months I am seeing :"Coming Soon! Bulletin Board. 
Watch this space!" , etc. and I dont see any change happening
there. Today it only looks like Lucent is doing a hesitated launch. Already
the magazine reviews (I read them thru Lucent's web links) say
it is too late for Lucent to launch Inferno. If Sun survived by 
making some hype on Java,  why not Lucent do it too? After all, we have a 
good product in hand. My feeling is that media coverage is very 
less and such a good product should not go unnoticed.

Unix was literally side-lined with such lack of marketing strength.
We must not have another classic product experience the same problem.