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WebATM & Inferno?

Sam Paone wrote, in part:
> I am
> always available to meet with potential business partners, call me on
> it.  if we are to publicize inferno and shout from the mountain that
> it is all we think it is, we need examples of people using inferno.
> this is my mission; i ask for your help.
> Sam Paone
> Inferno Business Development

Mr. Paone,

We are looking for a secure platform for the WebATM Network, a fledgling
enterprise currently on hold while we evaluate the landscape regarding
bank acceptance of the internet as a secure conduit for "ATM-like" debit
transactions. See "A Business Plan" at 

While the SET spec and various related app modules are rolled out and
mature in the coming year, we expect to see the  personal "swipe
terminal" or "card reader" quickly become the norm for secure PIN entry,
user authentication and so forth (i.e. see Verifone) -- just like a home
"ATM" if you will -- so that internet money transactions will be
directly debited against bank accounts rather than credit accounts only.
(We also theorize that Visa/MC are secretly dragging their feet on SET
and its related technologies which, when you think about it, tend to
reduce the importance of "credit" cards while direct debit "ATM-like"
bank cards move to the fore. Obviously, SET will be able to handle ANY
card-based internet transaction and, therefore, we're sure Visa/MC
aren't anxious to see their "Credit Cow" put out to pasture,

I've followed the Inferno mail list -- and alas not the Inferno
nuts'n'bolts technology per se -- but frankly I'm quite excited about
its apparent potential, particularly based on things I've read here in
the last couple weeks. So I'm just thinking a little bit here; the
WebATM concept is really more a marketing  model than any particular
technology and, therefore, do you see a potential for Inferno to perhaps
provide both, if we were to jointly develop the WebATM Network? That is,
Inferno certainly would gain widespread notoriety and acceptance if we
were to develop on Inferno and successfully deploy a secure,
internet-based WebATM Network capable of "live" banking transactions,
and credit card clearing as well.

My partner, Andrew Smith, has been intrinsically involved in his
company's (Cisco) staggeringly successful Web commerce initiatives
(Cisco is at or near the top in pure, Web-based sales); he has vast
knowledge and experience in advanced systems technologies. However, he
knows nothing of Inferno. Your thoughts?
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