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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing -Reply

Re: Useful

Hang loose

we're in the process of doing something with Inferno and set top boxes

it may take a few more months to put the finishing touches on the system
but we will deliver Interactive TV Commerce

check out http://www.omnibox.com for some additional details

ted kochanski

At 10:33 AM 1/28/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>    Hi,
>>    My opinion is that inferno will be succesful if and only if it
>> provides an awesome (and free) Web browser with a large set of colorful
>> (possibly useless) applets. The success of Java was initially due to
>> the existence of HotJava (even if we don't see many HotJava today).
>> This Web browser will be the hook to catch the herds of new Internet
>> users that are now deciding the successfulness of new products.
>Actually, I believe Java was noticed because of HotJava, but its 
>market domination has Sun written all over it. Python and Tcl/Tk now 
>have most of the functionality of Java (cross-platform, networking 
>support, GUI tools, and both have a neato-keen browser), but Python 
>doesn't have a marketing arm, and Tcl/Tk (which is driven by... 
>ta-da! Sun) is being aimed at a niche (applets) that Java is trying 
>to get _out_ of. A good browser for Inferno would be just the tip of 
>the iceberg.
>No, I think what would really impress the media (which, not 
>incidentally, was the driving force behind Java) would be a huge 
>client-server network that shows off the networking and other 
>strengths of Inferno -- an InferNet, if you will. There could be 
>incredible examples of distributed computing, streaming video, and so 
>on: what I've seen of Inferno is just the tip of the iceberg compared 
>to what I believe to be possible. (I also think that more source, 
>including third-party "look what I can do" code, would do wonders for 
>the Limbo community. Java had Gamelan for that. I think I'd be 
>willing to free up some web space if the admins of Vanni Fucci, et 
>al., aren't already planning to do so...)
>Heh. Want to do something impressive with Inferno? Make one of those 
>WebTV set-top boxes do something useful. :)
>Matthew May
>MIS Manager, The Expert Marketplace
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