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Re: Inferno ad in PCWeek Dec 9

>>>Anssi Porttikivi said:
 > BTW, after seeing the light of the Inferno, reading the trade press has
 > become a strange experience: so much false beliefs, so much technology,
 > so much hype and so much money [...]

The trade press has always been extremely bizarre, due in part, I
think to the fact that most of the trade writers are for the most part
journalists who have learned a little about computers, not computer
scientists who have learned a little about journalists.  Do you really
expect pithy and insightful information from a group that (to believe
what your read in, say, PC Week) only recently grudgingly came to admit
that multitasking might be a good idea?

  --berry (just offended all his journalist friends...)

Berry Kercheval :: kerch@parc.xerox.com :: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center