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Inferno ad in PCWeek Dec 9

My AltaVista "Inferno" Usenet search agent tells me, courtesy of a
Newton  newsgroup, that there was a (whole page?) Inferno advertisement
in Dec 9 PCWeek. Is this a part of a marketing campaign? Does it mean
the 1.0 release is near?

BTW, after seeing the light of the Inferno, reading the trade press has
become a strange experience: so much false beliefs, so much technology,
so much hype and so much money and absolutely nobody knows it will all
be obsoleted so soon, so completely by Inferno and Brazil. It is
interesting. Nowadays I read computer papers as an exercise in
understanding paradigm shifts. I keep wondering how many other fields of
life actually demonstrate the same absolute blindness about future and
even more: the blindness about its own blindness. I guess I am
re-inventing some modern futurology a la "scenario planning", which
starts with the fact that future is much more unpredictable than we
intuitively think.