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Re: (none)

Key word is configs

Inferno runs on the X86 processor but in order to be useful you need drivers
for I/O like keyboards, mouse, printer port etc

thats why we've got this debate underway concerning what constitutes a
standard PC for Native implementations

I've been running Native on a Pentium with hard drive and keyboard  + IR
remote (com2), sound blaster and diamond stealth video card + 3com ethernet

We are trying to get native inferno to boot from the PC's hard disk or a
floppy so that I don't need to have a Unix machine for booting

This is claimed to be possible by some e-mail here-in etc

I'm all for it

ted kochanski

At 03:19 PM 1/20/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I guess I don't understand the issue. Inferno runs native on intel, I'm
>not sure exactly what configs, but there are several running.
>Ian Bruce
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