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I just installed Solaris build 16 but something strange happens when I run
lib/srv. The initialization appears to be okay:

waal$ lib/srv
srv: initialize services
cs: tcp!*!6672 -> /net/tcp/clone 6672
cs: tcp!*!6673 -> /net/tcp/clone 6673
cs: tcp!*!6666 -> /net/tcp/clone 6666
cs: tcp!*!6671 -> /net/tcp/clone 6671
cs: udp!*!2202 -> /net/udp/clone 2202
cs: tcp!*!6668 -> /net/tcp/clone 6668

But then, when I run netstat:

waal$ netstat
tcp/0      os!19176!19176        Announced
tcp/1      os!19176!19176        Announced
tcp/2      os!19176!19176        Announced
tcp/3      os!19176!19176        Announced
tcp/4      os!19176!19176        Announced
udp/0      os!19176!19176        Announced

And when I run netstat again (immediatly after the first run):

waal$ netstat
tcp/0      os!27368!27368        Announced
tcp/1      os!27368!27368        Announced
tcp/2      os!27368!27368        Announced
tcp/3      os!27368!27368        Announced
tcp/4      os!27368!27368        Announced
udp/0      os!27368!27368        Announced

I had no problem like this when I used build 14. I have updated both the
 /etc/services and services/cs/db files.