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several Q's

1.  What permissions should all my files have? I use wm/logon to log
    on as myself but the debugger cannot see my ".sbl" files unless they
    are world readable. I cannot run my programs unless I make the
    ".dis" file world-readable. All these files are owned by

2.  How does one terminate the mux/mux application? ctrl-c does not
	work, even in the emu window.

3.  How do I terminate an emu? ctrl-c does not work. I am on a Sparc
	Ultra 1 running Solaris 2.5.

4.  After a wm/logon, how do I log off? Currently I tell the X window 
	manager to kill it.

5.  In Inferno->System->Memory from the wm/logon, how do I relate the
    length of each bar to real memory usage?