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Re: Never mind (was: New Logo)

tedk wrote:
> Inferno Logo?
> I understand that the old one was hard to reproduce but at least it 
> looked like a fire related item
> This one is just to geometric and simple

I am going to digress but I'd like to take back my statement that
the new logo is 'arbitrary". In some traditions at least, e.g.,
in ancient Greece, inferno (Tartarus) was depicted as a kind of
dark, foggy whirl from which, although it was not infinite in
extent, you could not escape because the constant whirling made
it impossible to determine one's location: it was a place with
no concept of "place", kind of like a tempestuous sea (the
parallel is made in some texts) with its chaotic waves and vortices.
I also think (but could not quote any source) that the association
between hell and a vortex, a whirl etc was quite prevalent in the
middle ages as well.

So, in a rather erudite sense, a whirl-like logo may be quite apposite
after all for an OS named Inferno.

Olivier Lefevre
New York, NY