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Re: More on Native Inferno Ports


	I've got Native Inferno running on a PC thanks to a major assist from Lucent.

	however, at present to make it useful,  it needs a Unix machine with bootp
	connected to it on a network

	Since, Phil I think said that a Plan-9 native Inferno file system is in the

	why can't the native Inferno already running on the PC be made to be self
	contained without needing a network jumpstart?

	ted kochanski


	>We already know how to read an image from a DOS file system
	>although bootp seems more natural.

Somewhere on your native PC you have the the b.com loader and a
configuration file 'plan9.ini',
these are on a FAT-based filesystem. B.com knows how to load kernel images
from FAT-based
filesystems on floppy and IDE drives:
will load the kernel 'tvpc' from 'A:\INFERNO\'. Similarly, 'hd!0!...' for
the 'C:' drive.
There are some caveats about multiple FATs on IDE drives, but you are
unlikely to have that

At least, that's how it's supposed to work.