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Re: (none)

>What native file system will the port be married to?  By married to, I am
>referring mainly to the boot sequence, i. e. the system starts, reads the
>boot block, then what?  I have DOS and FreeBSD partitions on my machine
>and each has their own boot sequence following their own file systems.
>Since its a PC, the DOS FAT seems like the most natural, but its
>awfully dated now.

We already know how to read an image from a DOS file system
although bootp seems more natural.

>How will the graphics subsystem be supported?  I recall a Lucent post saying
>there was no native file system built in to Inferno (correct me if I'm
>Is this also the case with the GUI?  If it is, this is another problem
>similar to the file system.  Those functions that are now passed to the
>host will have to be implemented in the Inferno port.

The graphics support in inferno is complete - it requires nothing more
than a frame buffer.

>These two problems seem quite significant, i. e. lots of effort to put
>them in place for a PC port.
neither is hard - the variance in hardware is what causes problems.

>What about network protocol support.  I'm guessing this is prolly the least
>problem, only device drivers required.
Again, we already have support for TCP/IP, PPP etc.
in the native kernel - this is no problem.

We are trying to get some Wyse Winterm 4000 machine to
do a reference port of the native kernel. This is a 
nice little StrongArm machine with a standard set of

I will keep you posted on our progress.