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Re: (none)

> Again, this brings up the issue of a standardized PC platform for a
> standardized Native Inferno

There are a few other issues as I recall from some of the Lucent replies
to this issue.

What native file system will the port be married to?  By married to, I am
referring mainly to the boot sequence, i. e. the system starts, reads the
boot block, then what?  I have DOS and FreeBSD partitions on my machine
and each has their own boot sequence following their own file systems.
Since its a PC, the DOS FAT seems like the most natural, but its
awfully dated now.

How will the graphics subsystem be supported?  I recall a Lucent post saying
there was no native file system built in to Inferno (correct me if I'm wrong).
Is this also the case with the GUI?  If it is, this is another problem
similar to the file system.  Those functions that are now passed to the
host will have to be implemented in the Inferno port.

These two problems seem quite significant, i. e. lots of effort to put
them in place for a PC port.

What about network protocol support.  I'm guessing this is prolly the least
problem, only device drivers required.


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