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Re: (none)

Again, this brings up the issue of a standardized PC platform for a
standardized Native Inferno

Why don't we (the Inferno users group) pick some set of PC hardware specs
that everyone can agree on as adequate (things don't need  to change too
rapidly) and that will still meet our requirements for the next 12 months or
so and -- Define this to be the IUG Native PC standard Platform

Then we can encourage device drivers to be created for this platform and
then we can have a Standard Native PC Inferno

I'm open to suggestions --

Here's my list

Processor P-166 with MMX (fast enough and modern enough) and not too expensive

Award Bios

Motherboard with Trident-II HX chipset, 512 kB cache
8 MB EDO RAM (so that it can be used for reasonable Consumer Applications

Soundblaster-16 internal to mother board

Serial and Parralel I/O ports on motherboard

USB on motherboard

Diamond Stealth 64 video card with 2 MB VRAM -- with soft MPEG

Open to suggestions

ted kochanski

At 05:32 PM 1/17/97 -0800, you wrote:
>first of all, thanks for a cool product...
>I'm application programmer and an operating systems programmer novice.
>However I am excited by Inferno and want to learn more.
>I have installed Inferno and I'm up and running on my "Wintel" machine. Is
>it possible to run Inferno without using the emulator ? i.e. is there some
>way for me to remove "Bill" from my old development machine and just have
>Inferno running on it. 
>That way I will be forced to develop apps !!!!!
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