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file2chan questions...

		    Made myself ready to sustain the war,
		  Both of the way and likewise of the woe,
		  Which memory that errs not shall retrace.

Ok - I've successfully used file2chan to make 'files' that I can pipe data
into and read data out of, and I can think of a number of things I'd like to
use it for.

However - is it possible, in the current emulation environment, to have
something like dir2chan?  I.e. I would like to get all requests on a
directory, and return whatever data I see fit (i.e. intercept the Twalk
requests, etc... in addition to the Twrite/Tread that I can do with
file2chan).  Even more importantly, could I create such a directory that
could be exported?  (I'm assuming the answer to the second question is yes).

Tomorrow - I try to get two inferno environments talking to each other (been
playing on one machine till now :).


ps. I apologize for the faux pas in presenting a unixism (environment and
path variables) to this list.  I promise to make up for it in the near