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Thanks for Inferno/Linux! & stuff

First of all, thanks for porting Inferno to Linux! I can finally try it 
out now!

Second of all, some anamolies:

When I run the window manager via "wm/logon", then click on the Inferno 
"start button" and look at the Inferno filesystem, the system lists 
duplicate directories! There are two directories named "chan", "dev", 
"net", and "nvfs". Is this intentional?

The scrollbar implementation is really annoying. It appears to "follow" 
the mouse one pixel at a time instead of "jumping" to it. This is really 
noticeable when the system you're on is heavily loaded, and doing about 
ten simultaneous compiles; the scrollbars slowly wander over to the mouse 
position instead of jumping to the current Y position. This is highly 
annoying - can this be changed?

The four directional arrow keys don't work in the Notepad. This makes
editing text files rather annoying. Also, the lack of hotkeys for 
save/quit/cut/copy/paste/search is rather distressing.

Another point is the default text size is much too big! I suppose they 
work well if you're running at 1600x1280 resolution, but even in 
1280x1024 they're rather large...it would be nice if there were another 
font which was readable which could be used in place of the current font.
(I've tried a few of the other fonts provided, and they're not very 
legible...is there another that's suitable?)

The MS-Windows "click-to-focus" is also rather distressing - my Xwin is 
set so focus is always under the mouse, and with Inferno running some of 
my windows require click to focus, and some don't...becomes rather 
confusing quickly.

Also, I miss the ability to move windows partially  offscreen - the screen 
becomes unnecessarily cluttered quickly because I can't move inactive 
windows partially offscreen.

Also, is 16 bpp and 32 bpp support planned? I normally run Xwin in 16 
bpp, and it's rather cumbersome running it in 8 bpp - also the color 
flash as I move the cursor over windows is unpleasant.

I think that's all the requests for now - I've been having a lot of fun 
playing with Inferno so far, and I was really surprised at the amount and 
quality of documentation - I think this is the best Christmas present 
I've gotten this year!