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Re: a bit more on Native Inferno for the PC?

> Rob (inferno team), Sam, etc.,
> Suppose some entity wanted to develop a "standard Native Inferno PC
> platform" and  make it available to the general Inferno developer public.

The Development team has been working towards identifying a somewhat standard
reference architecture for the native x86 kernel.  This work is directly
related to the interests of our active customers.  If some thrid party wants
to package native Inferno as an OS on a PC, PDA, or any other architecture
they should talk to the sales people here at Lucent.  From my understanding
we don't want to release a "general" PC native kernel, but are more than 
happy to work with customers to provide a working kernel for their product.

It is possible that sometime in the near future we will release information
relating to a specific "reference architecture", basically a single board
x86 evaluation package, that is capable of running the native x86 kernel.
However, that is a product management/marketing decision -- and those 
interested in such a platform should contact Sam Paone or one of the other
members of the buisness team here at Lucent.  This would still not be any
sort of "standard" PC native kernel, but it would give a relatively stable
architecture on which to evaluate a native Inferno kernel.