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Re: Native Inferno for the PC?

Releasing a native PC implementation of Inferno would open a
Pandora's box.  The cries to add just this driver, or handle just this
feature, would be deafening, especially when mingled with the
wails of those who built one of these `standard' PCs only to find
that the manufacturers change the specifications of the piece
parts they ship without notification.

If you haven't tried it yourself, you cannot appreciate how hard
it is to build software to run on bare PCs.  If it seems that you've
touched a nerve here, you have: an inflamed one, at that.

We've been through this before with Plan 9.  Until the industry,
or perhaps a manufacturer, ships a well-defined immutable PC,
we will not be in the business of shipping software to run on
bare PC hardware, nor in the business of defining what that
hardware should be.