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Re: Native Inferno for the PC?


I appreciate the info on the availability of the file system for native

however, I respecfully disagree about the standard PC 
A standard PC could in fact be anything you want to define it to be

theere are enough people out here interested in Native Inferno on the PC
that if you make up a set of specs we'll build one to meet those specs

essentially you take one of 2 Intel Trident motherboards(one comes with
audio on it + all the disk control and I/O) with a P-166 (Intel's most
popular processor) 16 MB of RAM, 2 GB hard drive
add a plug in video card (stealth  64), a 8X CD-ROM and viola
The Inferno Native Kernal Refernence Platform

Alternatively, There are lots of out of the box systems that for $1500 to
$2000 (exclusive of monitor -- which is irrrelevant) might make for a good
standard PC (Gateway has a good one for instance) and which a given
manufacturer might be happy to so proclaim as the standard Native Inferno
kernal Reference Platform

Alternatively, just pick something reasonably common at Bell Labs

Alternatively, you can wait a bit till USB and Firewire comeout for the
additional devices -- I think the sealed PC is an Urban legend just like the
diskless Network Computer -- we may not see one (minus the sealed hopped up
notebook) in this millenium



ps we really need the "Inferno Native Kernal Reference Platform" to allow
Inferno to deliver on its promisses

At 02:39 PM 12/27/96 -0500, you wrote:
>there is no such thing as a 'standard PC'. We don't even
>have enough machines the same internally to make this worthwhile.
>If we get 'sealed' PC's this year I will release a kernel for
>one of them.
>There is now a disc file system for native kernels. I will
>release it in the near future.
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