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Re: tar

> It's not clear yet that I can get people to buy into a
> non-Posix command line interface [for tar]

While we are redoing tar, I would like to not have the letter that 
destroys a tape archive next to the letter to extract a tape archive. 

I wonder how many times the mistake of typing in:

	tar -cvf foo.tar

instead of 

	tar -xvf foo.tar

has destroyed files.

I think the flag for creating a {O}riginal tar archive should be -o,
so that it is

	tar -ovf foo.tar some.directory/

instead of

	tar -cvf foo.tar some.directory/

Another option is have tar *always* prompt before creating a blank archive.

I know this isn't *really* related to inferno, but I see inferno, as 
much as anything else, a chance to redo it without the mistakes done
the first time around :-) 

Take care,

- Sam