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INSTALL QUESTION: Who should own /usr/inferno?

Hi, I installed today inferno in my SGI machine and hope to install it 
tonight at home in my Linux.

When trying to make a user directory with the command `mkdir /usr/angel'
the inferno shell return an error indicating lack of permission to write 
to the underlying filesystem.

This brought up the question: What permission should I give to
/usr/inferno so that not only root but any user in our system can play with
inferno? I am tempted to make /usr/inferno own by root and inferno group
or something like this but I am not sure if this open a security whole..
probably yes.

Should I create a new user inferno group inferno and the from unix mkdir
under /usr all the user directories. Will inferno see the underlying 
filesystem with the right permissions?

Also how do I logout from the inferno shell?

Thank you

Miguel Angel Sepulveda
Department of Chemistry
Princeton University
email= angel@princeton.edu