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Re: inferno resources

I'm going to be running Inferno on Linux too.  I'm going to use RedHat 4.0.
 And you?

> From: Pohl Longsine <pohl@screaming.org>
> To: inferno@interstice.com
> Subject: inferno resources
> Date: Friday, December 06, 1996 2:47 PM
> Now that Inferno can be hosted on Linux, I'm hooked.   As the
> linux community is accustomed to being self-supportive through
> mailing-lists, I'm seeking an online community for sharing
> problems with setup and development.  
> If this is not such a place, I will go quietly. ;-)  But, please,
> offer pointers to resources that may be appropriate.  
> I've been digging through AltaVista and DejaNews, and mostly
> I find stuff from alt.freemasonry about how Lucent is obviously
> a Satan-owned company.  Sheesh.