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Reserving ports 6666-6673


This is my first posting to this list, hainvg jsut downloaded and 
installed Inferno on Linux this week.

I notice that the default ports for TCP services on Inferno go from port 
6666 to port 6673.  Although these port numbers can be reassigned, it is 
not wise to use these ports by default, since they are already reserved 
for IRC purposes.  In fact, the /etc/services in RedHat says that port 
6667 is a IRC port, and other numbers in Inferno's range are commonly 
used for IRC.

It would be better, IMHO, to make the default ports something like ports 
60666-60672, so that there is not an overlap between Inferno's services 
and the IRC services.

As I understand it, tcp uses 16-bit unsigned numbers for the port, so
these number will be perfectly legal.  It is only tradition that makes it 
so you don't very often see port numbers higher than 9999.