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Linux emu: sched_yield()

I followed the setup instructions closely, but I can't invoke emu
without it complaining:

Inferno BETA.2 Build 16 main (pid=16233) interp
emu: can't resolve symbol 'sched_yield'
keyboard close (n=-1, I/O error)

The sched_yield call is a POSIX.1b call, but I don't know which
library that might be in.  (pthreads?)  If that's the case, I may have
messed up my pthreads shared library when I was playing with gnustep a
while back.

Does anybody know which library (& version) this might be in?  I've
checked the FAQ (and read the archives of this list) but no dice.


Linux 2.0.26 (Debian/ELF)