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pegasus II

the following appeared in my mail box this morning:

 From ukc.ac.uk!cphc-jobs-outbound-request	Fri Dec  6 10:01
 To: cphc-jobs@ukc.ac.uk
 Subject: RA positions @dcs.gla.ac.uk
 From: Derek McAuley <dm@dcs.gla.ac.uk>

	Research Assistant position on Pegasus II project

The Department of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow is
seeking a Research Assistant to work on the EU funded Pegasus II
project; the goal of the project is to deliver an fully functional
operating system and associated tools capable of supplying Quality of
Service to real-time multimedia applications. The partners are the
Universities of Cambridge, Glasgow and Twente, SICS and APM.

The work builds on the Nemesis platform produced in the original
Pegasus project. The work at Glasgow includes core operating systems
work on virtual memory, together with higher level functionality such
as windowing, POSIX and Java support.

The project started 1/9/96 and will run for 3 years; the RA position
is available from now until the project ends on 30/8/99.

Information about the project can be found starting at
"http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/pegasus/"; enquirees should be directed to
Prof. D. R. McAuley (dm@dcs.gla.ac.uk).

The appointment will be on the RA1B or RA1A scale (14317 - 21519
pounds p.a.), at a point determined by age, experience, and ability.