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Re: (None) [porting Inferno...]

>>How about a port to the Newton?  That new breed PDAs which run
>>Windows CE look to be pretty much the same hardware wise, so

the windows/CE was one of the surprising things for me at Comdex,
apart from a remarkably low profile by Sun/Java (confined mainly to
third-party Java specialists and a little Merisel booth for Sun).

currently two processors are used for Windows/CE in the gadgets that
were at Comdex.  neither processor is Intel.  both are RISC (if you squint
a bit in one case): one is the Hitachi SH-3, the other is a MIPS-based one.
i could only find examples of the former; i suspect the latter uses the
PDA chip, but i've not yet confirmed it.

while i was impressed that Windows/CE actually existed, including applications
and cross-development environments (which is more than can be said for the
i was as mystified as others i spoke to when we were trying the demo units
at the Hitachi stand as to why they provided the applications they did.
unlike the Psion or Pilot machines, which in one way or another have software
that's well-designed for the palmtop/handheld environment
(including diary, notetaking, stocktaking, infrared
exchange of business cards/data, etc.), Windows/CE provides (relatively)
minituarised versions of desktop applications.  Mini Excell might make sense,
but Mini Word was bizarre (when you tried to use it).  it's just too hard to
type and edit much in that little space.
it occurred to me later that perhaps it was just Microsoft
being Politically Correct: software for the `little people'.  in any case,
i now refer to it as `Windows for Pixies'.

still, they've at least ensured a supply of hardware with non-Intel