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Re: (None) [porting Inferno...]

On Sat, 30 Nov 1996 philw@plan9.bell-labs.com wrote:

> I am looking for a good platform to put out a standalone kernel.
> Generic PC does not cut it because of the configuration issues.
> Any suggestions?

Hmmm, I know there are a lot of those cheap Alpha motherboards out
there, but I don't know how similar they all are to each other.  If
you want something that is totally the same everywhere, you might
want to talk to Nintendo/Sony/Sega to see if they have any prototype
keyboards/mice that plug into their game machines.  The N64 has 4.5
megs of RAM, plenty for Inferno.  

If you can't do 6502 how about 65816 (essentially 16 bit 6502)?
It's not 32 bit, so I guess you'd have to do some work, but it
might be worth it.  The 65816 is in the Apple IIgs, which can still
be found in grade schools everywhere.  I guess by now you may have
noticed I'm an Apple II buff.  =)

How about a port to the Newton?  That new breed PDAs which run
Windows CE look to be pretty much the same hardware wise, so
they might be a good platform as well.
> phil 

David Ross