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Re: Common Hardware PC Platform for native Inferno


Lucent has been very helpfull
they've given us carte-blanche access to their people and development

They're just strapped for resources conerning Inferno just as we are short
of resources for our devlopment project.  There just aren't enough Inferno
versed people out there yet to meet the burgeoning demand.

A lot of this will vanish I hope in a few months as we will be taking an
Inferno Tour with a 1 day seminar that we're organizing in connection with
Lucent occuring arround the country

(Boston-Rt128, Silicon Valley, Texas, Chicago, Resarch Triangle, Atlanta) on
the prospective list

thanks for your concern

Stay tuned for the Great 1997 Inferno Tour

ted kochanski -- witness at the first circle

At 01:58 PM 11/27/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Ted-
>	I have read your posts on the inferno mailing list.  Have
>you received any help at all?  It is frustrating to me that you 
>may be hampered by lack of help from the Lucent folks.
>	Unfortunately I cannot answer your questions...
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