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inferno shell?

I copied 4 jpeg image files (named q1.jpg...q4.jpg) from my Mac to a floppy,
put the floppy into my nt running inferno, opened a dos window and typed--

copy a:*.jpg

into my home inferno home dir.

I had a copy of view.b that I was playing with and I typed--

view q1.jpg

which worked--then I typed

view *.jpg

and got the error message:

view: cannot open *.jpg

So I typed --

ls q*.jpg

which gave me the same error message.
So I used my trusty find command (pieces stolen from du, grep, etc.) like

find . .  # print from the current dir (or sub-dir), all the file names

This listed "Q1.JPG", etc. at the top of the list.
Then I rm'd them (one at a time) and copied (from dos) again explicitly
giving lowercase target names. Then everything worked!


The reason I was fooling with this in the first place was that when I
tried "viewer" under "media tools" the image didn't show until the NEXT
time I entered viewer. So I copied view.b into my dir and removed the word
"spawn" from in front of the call to the view() func. which made the image
box show right away (well, after a rather long interval of reading in the
image file). And, of course, I wondered what "view q*.jpg" would do. Etc.

Why do all images look like they have been mapped to 256-color, standard

Dick Haight