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Boston Area immediate opportunity

To all Boston area (broadly defined to include most of New England)

If you are abl to write Limbo code that works and have a few hours to spare
in the next week +

I've got the deal of the century

We are putting together an Inferno interactive TV services demo based on our
successful debut demo at Comdex

The core of the demo is a series of Lucent designed simulated TV
applications and our graphical user interface controls with Lucent designed
device drivers for sound and ITR remote underneath it all

It needs to run as much as possible on both PC emulated mode (Win 95/NT) and
native on PC (simulation of set top environment using x86)

The new demo needs to be running two weeks from today at the Western Cable
Show in Anaheim -- therefore the work needs to be done by no later than
Friday PM next week (12/6/96)

This could be the beginning of a long term project since the next step
involves the actual integration of real hardware (cable interface board for
PC, set top components) with transaction based system (credit/debit/smart
cards) and the Graphical User Interface (controlled by IR remote and /or PC

If you are interested (and qualified -- i.e. no syntax errors in new code)
the n please contact me immediatly as below


Ted Kochanski, Ph.D.
Sensors Signals Systems  ---  "Systematic Solutions to Complex Problems"
e-mail tpk@sensorsys.com   phone (617) 861-6167  fax  861-0476
11 Aerial St., Lexington, MA 02173