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Re: Q: Connecting to remote system.

Hello Fernando,

I have had a bit of experience installing Inferno on a win95 machine, so
hopefully something
I say would be able to help you out.

When you run the emulator what does the default prompt say is the
machine name ?
This is what I put in my /services/cs/db file and it worked.

If you have ppp etc configureed (say for connecting to an ISP) then
Inferno will take what you
entered for your machine name in the ppp/tcp-ip configuration

Now I'm assuming that your services file in your win95/services has all
the port number stuff included.

- Jerry

Fernando J. Nuflo wrote:
> Hi Justin, i just installed inferno on my machine. For inferno i upgraded
> from win3.1 to win95. I'll eventually want to connect it to a Sparc4 running
> Solaris and an SGI with irix5.3 - your experience will probably save some
> headaches. But right now i have problems with the win95 box.
> The box is at home and not connected to any network (i can login remotely)
> I followed the instructions from the manual to set up a server,
> but when i did the
>    lib/srv
>    changelogin xyzzy
>    getauthinfo default
> with remote user xyzzy, i get an error message
>    can't connect to login daemon
> have you seen this? do you have any suggestions?
> (i actually don't know what i'm supposed to put for my machine name
>  in <inferno_root>/services/cs/db ... do i have to put the win95 into
>  a loopback, if i do, how do i do this?)
> thanks so much,
> -fernando
> --
> Fernando J. Nuflo       University of Toronto
>   "Fear is close to satisfaction; the stronger the fear, the greater the
>        satisfaction, not later or before, but at the same time."
>                                                      -Reinhold Messner


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