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lucent, inferno and hype

i had the misfortune to attend the TMA29 exhibition in Brighton
yesterday. in amongst the sales droids, the sun hype tent (with the
word "java" hanging from every lip) and the hired women in short skirts
(a feminist would have firebombed the place), i found that lucent
technologies were represented, so i headed in that direction, thinking
that somebody there might be able to talk about Inferno. no such luck -
i acquired a lucent squashy ball and a lucent yo-yo, but nobody there
had the slightest clue what i was talking about.

i was disappointed, to say the least. what exactly is lucent's attitude
towards inferno ? inferno doesn't need the hype that is being given to
java, but surely lucent's own sales people should have heard of it, at
the very least ?!


p.s. on a completely unrelated note, is there a way to prevent
processes gaining access to the '#' namespace directly ?