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I want Quake, John and Linus here!

In January John "Doom & Quake programmer" Carmack discussed Plan 9 with Rob 
Pike and I remember John liking the system very much. (See
I can't find more informative articles but I remember he liked Plan 9.)

Ultimate Inferno marketing,  a global deployment project:

Let us have Quake on Inferno! That would be a nice project to define a high 
level object interface for high performance 3D modelling. Lucent could go 
knocking at the Id door. Think about the possibilities Inferno offers for 
network play! Actually: convince Id (do I hear the word "money") to build 
next Quake on Inferno and make it THE ONLY VERSION. Id would not have to 
support but one version which will then run everywhere, including the host 
of soon-here Internet gadgets, with clever distribution of the 
functionality.  Inferno VMs could be bundled with the game.

I think it would make business sense for Lucent to give Carmack anything he 
wants (a hint: he likes Ferraris) and a complete freedom to do whatever he 
wants as long as it runs in Inferno.

Another person you migh consider recruiting for Inferno development is Linus 
Thorvalds. I know his girlfriend, I might just ask if he is intrerested...? 
How many Ferraris do I promise to him ;-) ?