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Mounting and binding

I am having problems with a specific problems that I think boils down to 
not fully understanding how the mounting and binding actually works.

I have an Inferno server running on a Solaris box and have written an 
application that I wish all the users to take advantage of.

This application has the following directory structure:
  <Inferno_Root>/demo/    ** where the .dis file resides
  <Inferno_Root>/demo/<user_name>/  ** where setup files reside for each user

Whenever a client connects to the server, the are able to see the .dis 
file and execute it from the remote directory box that automatically pops 
up, but when the demo tries to find the setup files, it looks locally on the 
client's machine (client's namespace?) for the setup files rather than 
on the server.

Whenever a client connects to the server, how would the mount/binding 
work so that the client "maps" the server's /demo/<user_name> to its own 

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