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Re: More info on Inferno

piedmont.net wrote:
> How about use of the debugger.
> Also, how about some pictures in the documents.
> And a manual about tk (what IS supported--with examples).

Now, I'm not saying there should not be a Limbo/Tk manual! :)

However, if you grab a Tk book (such as Ousterhout's book) it
was quite easy to walk through the examples in the book but
redo them in Limbo.  Also, "wish" was a big help in figuring
some of the stuff out (And I knew 0 Tk before starting with 

Also, you may have noticied already in the Limbo/Tk Implementation
Appendix (A) on page A-6 there is a short list of "currently"
un-supported Tk options.

Not perfect but hope it helps!! :)